Automotive: $110/hour

Trailers & RV: $140/hour (We are currently phasing RV service out and will no longer be taking bookings).

Heavy Duty & Diesel: $140/hour

No, we do not. However we do offer financing plans through numerous Banks/Financial institutions, on approved credit! We’re more than happy to set you up with a loan that works for you!

Yes, we do! We will happily sell your good condition Boat or Trailer on Consignment. There is an initial charge (varying per type of unit) for a cleaning and inspection, because we want to be totally confident about what we’re selling to our amazing customers. Our commission is 10% of the net sale proceeds. Call us for more details!

Generally, the lowest in town! As a gesture to our great customers: we wholesale all of our tires at ridiculously low prices, regardless of size or brand. Tire prices always vary per size/type, so call our service department today for a quote!

We no longer offer rental services of any kind. Apologies!

Don’t worry, we get asked this a lot. We are on the corner of 8th Street East and Brighton Boulevard. Formerly known as McOrmand Road. The city of Saskatoon recently changed the name of the street in anticipation of the new Brighton neighborhood development, so your GPS or Map won’t quite recognize it. Try 1025 McOrmand Road for now! Also known as “Old McOrmand”.