Our Process

Simply Put: We Sell Good Vehicles.

Our reconditioning process on our vehicle stock is more intensive than most other pre-owned dealerships – and we take a lot of pride in that. Each vehicle we bring in to sell is put through our in-house mechanic shop and checked over extensively by our techs.

If the vehicle has an ‘out of province’ designation, it is promptly put through an SGI Light Vehicle Inspection to ensure that it is up to Provincial Safety Standards. If the vehicle is a Saskatchewan designated unit, we then put it through our ‘Pin Point Inspection’, modelled after Provincial Safety Inspections. Want to see what we check? View our Inspection form (2 images) in the gallery below!

Any parts/areas that do not meet our standards are repaired before vehicles are listed for sale. The vehicle is then test driven by the mechanic, the service manager, and the sales manager in order to assure the vehicle is ‘Full Throttle Lot Ready’.

After this, our vehicles are put through a vigorous detail, sanitize and cleaning process. Trust us, we make them look good! Our detailer can make a 2008 look like a 2021.

Once on the lot: vehicles are started, driven, washed and cared for regularly in order to maintain their ‘Full Throttle lot Ready’ status. As is the nature of pre-owned vehicles, things can come up unexpectedly even when not being driven, so we like to stay on top of things.

All vehicles in stock have a recent CarFax report ready for your viewing, all inspections and work orders are available – then we throw all of this in your sales folder when you buy the vehicle. We have nothing to hide – and that’s the way it should be.

We invite you to see the difference in our vehicles! Come by and see us for your next vehicle purchase. We’re always more than happy to help you along the way with honest advice and recommendations. That’s the Full Throttle way of doing things.